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Method Title Purpose Contact Supplier Cost (apprx)
General Word Preparing written documents web MicroSoft $180
General Acrobat Organise multi-component documents and access security web Adobe Systems Inc. $150 (version 9)
General ESProControl Procedure and technique document management and electronic publishing system web Eclipse Scientific $8895
General ESTestMaker generating printable and online exams for training in NDT and other industry aspects web Eclipse Scientific $885
General STATUS Statistical and POD calculations for qualification programmes web Eclipse Scientific
General NDT Resource Center Training and applets for several NDT methods web Iowa State University Web based training and applets
General OnlineTraining NDT training for several methods web World Spec Web based training $700USD per course
General NDT Office CD training and Test generator, Certification tracking web NDT Mart Courses-$2300 USD
Test Generator $1720 USD
Cert. Tracking $1500
General NDTCalTracker Tracks calibration of kit web CKS Consulting Ltd.
General NDTTechTracker Tracks certification of personnel web CKS Consulting Ltd.
General NDTTestpapers Generates multi-choice questions web CKS Consulting Ltd.
General Rhythm Collection of software for data management web GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies
General Simula Computer based training for NDT web Simula (Italy) 2000 Euro for all 5 DVDs
UT ESBeamTool Preparing UT scan plans and techniques and exports focal law instructions web Eclipse Scientific $885
UT ESBeamTool Zonal Add-on to ESBT primarily for pipeline zonal techniques web Eclipse Scientific $4200
UT Panda Basic equations in UT solved web Eclipse Scientific Freeware
UT ESWedgeGap Calculates wedge gap when contouring for cylindrical surfaces web Eclipse Scientific Freeware
UT Scanplan Generates scan plan and technique for TOFD web Sonovation
UT I3D Scan Plan for techniques web Utex Scientific $3350
UT NDTSpec4 Generates inspection reports and combines with Technique details web TWI 1000 GBP
UT Civa Modelling of beams and flaw responses for validation of techniques (semi-analytical) web Extende (CEA) 40 000 USD
UT UMASIS Modelling (Finite element style) for technique validation web TNO 10 600 Euro
UT PSS Simple solutions to basic UT equations (technique utility) web MRI Freeware (not compatible on W7)
UT Applet Derive beam characteristics for technique design web Imasonic Web-based applet
UT iMaV Technique modelling web Zetec Inc. 18 000 - 48 000USD
ET Civa Modelling of fields and flaw responses for validation of techniques (semi-analytical) web Extende (CEA)
ET PSS Simple solutions to basic UT equations (technique utility) web MRI Freeware (not compatible on W7)
ET Teddy Basic coil impedance and signal calculations (for technique development web T. Theodoulidis (supplied as freeware) Freeware (provided in handout)
ET Flux designing, analysing and optimising electromagnetic devices web CEDRAT (Meylan, France)
ET TS-Map Tubesheet inspection mapping report web TesTex-NDT
ET Carto Tubesheet inspection mapping report web ONDT
ET Tube Probe selection guide Select probe options for ET/MFL/IRIS web ONDT Freeware
RT RadPro Calculator Several radiation related calculators for technique and safety calculations web Ray McGinnis Freeware
RT Microshield photon/gamma ray shielding and dose assessment program (Rad safety) web Grove Software 2200 USD
RT Several Webpage provide a long list of software (much of it free) web Phil Rutherford Web sources
RT RT Calculator Isotope Exposure times for Ir192 and Se75 with Agfa film web OK Software (Olaf Koch) Freeware (provided with handout)
RT Civa Modelling of fields and flaw responses for validation of techniques (semi-analytical) web Extende (CEA)
Special SpinFire Full version provides a common viewer for many CAD files with options for parameter measurement web Actify
Special SolidWorks Animation of NDT systems to aid in technique development of complex systems web
See demo at
SolidWorks Corporation
Special Crackwise application of BS 7910:2005 fracture assessment procedures to develop acceptance criteria web TWI 10 000 GBP
Special Pipeline Toolbox Pipeline design analysis (fracture mechanics) web Technical Toolboxes $2500-3000 US per module
Note: CAD programmes may be considered as part of Technique development and the images provided embedded in Procedures and Techniques.

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